Chris Bailey

Frame Maker / Woodcarver / Gilder

Chris Bailey grew up in Orlando FL and eventually graduated from the University of Florida. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts after transferring from the school of Architecture. He excelled in many art mediums and had a great fondness for the wood sculpture courses he attended.

Upon graduating in 1996, Chris moved West to Santa Barbara, CA.  He had spent some time near this area while being a member of the United States Air Force stationed at Vandenberg AFB(1988-90) just north of Santa Barbara. He knew then the desire he had to live in this spectacular area.

Early in 2002, Chris happened upon an opportunity to work part time in a picture framing business. However, the frames being sold there were not bought from industrial factories and re-sold.  These frames were being made right there on the premises.  Old world techniques were being applied, and there was an emphasis on the Arts and Crafts tradition of hand carving the beautiful designs into the wood profiles.  Chris soon found himself immersed in every process of frame making as well as the operational aspects of the business.

It wasn't long after that when Chris was able to purchase that business, and so began his own journey of becoming a master frame maker.  His talents have grown to include specialty projects outside of making frames, yet still need the same attention to detail and a commitment to quality.  

Chris has worked with artists, art dealers, galleries, interior designers, builders, and private clients.  Contact him today to discuss your latest project needs.